Sue Boyer UKCP Accredited


I have many years experience in both private practice and in various different settings. They include:
    •     BHT Mental Health & Wellbeing Service providing counselling and psychotherapy to men and women with mental health difficulties. Part of this service includes ‘Threshold’ which is a women-only counselling service.
    •    Working with women who have issues around drug and alcohol use
    •    School-based counselling service for parents 
    •    Four years as a manager of a children and young peoples’ counselling service
    •    Private practice offering adult counselling/psychotherapy to both men and women
    •    I have experience of facilitating personal development, Managing Your anxiety & Mindfulness groups.

I originally started out in the commercial world in a service and sales environment. I realised my heart wasn't in it, but the experience has been invaluable and helped me to understand some of the stresses of corporate life. With an interest in the healing field I changed direction and trained as a massage therapist and aromatherapist. This generated my interest in how we hold our emotions in our bodies. Many of my clients were holding difficult feelings from painful situations and experiencing psychosomatic pain. This led me to want to develop my skills as a counsellor. 

I completed a two-year counselling diploma training in 2001. This was an integrative course covering Psychodynamic, Gestalt and Person-centered theory. 

I have since accredited as a Gestalt psychotherapist following a rigourous training at the Gestalt Centre in London. My approach is integrative based on Gestalt practice, psychodynamic thinking.

This has been an intense personal journey, during which I have made some profound changes in my own personal and professional life inspiring me to want to work therapeutically to help people develop their potential and overcome emotional blocks. I really do believe that with increased awareness that we can make lasting changes towards a happier and more fulfilled life.


How I work

As a Gestalt therapist the emphasis is on the here and now. I will make connections to your past but we look at how that is impacting you in the present. The presence of the therapist is of particular importance in Gestalt therapy. I am actively engaged in a dialogue, sharing my thoughts and feelings in response to what you bring to the sessions, to support growth and change.

There are many different kinds of struggles, traumas and events we can experience during a lifetime. Some may be small and easily overcome whilst others can have longer lasting impact on our spiritual, emotional and physical health. I work with you to explore how you are being impacted by your particular issue. We look at your individual coping strategies, beliefs and patterns to understand what might be stopping you from getting what you most out of life and your relationships. 

I also work from my own personal experience having been through the process of therapy myself for many years in which I have made transformative change in my own life. I believe we can change our patterns through increased awareness of ourselves and areas that we might feel stuck or where we find ourselves repeating old habits and patterns that no longer serve our purpose.

For short term  or longer-term therapy please contact me on 07917 402207 or email me on