Personal issues and the benefits of counselling and psychotherapy


•    There are many views on how counselling and psychotherapy can promote change and many different ways to achieve this. I believe that the therapeutic relationship is one of the most powerful and valuable ways to overcome and face painful and difficult feelings. Through empathic listening, thoughtful observation, challenge and support, creativity, constructive feedback, increased awareness, genuine and open communication, we can find new ways of understanding ourselves.
    •    I believe we all have an innate wisdom and with the right support can tap into this. The therapeutic process is not about advice-giving but more an exploration of how to find within yourself what you need to lead a more balanced and happier life. 
By exploring some of the beliefs that you hold about yourself, which are commonly developed in childhood, you can change old patterns of thinking which may be limiting you.

We all have an inner dialogue.  If you have a critical inner dialogue  this can often lead to low self esteem, anxiety and depression. By understanding some of the messages and beliefs that we hold we can change the story that we hold about ourselves leading to more self acceptance. 

Psychotherapy can help you to face old hurts and release blocked feelings leading to a better management of feelings.
Part of the work will be to help you connect with your senses by paying attention to your body sensation.  This can help you to feel more grounded, reduce anxiety and help you to better recognize your feelings before they become too overwhelming or distressing. 

We all develop fixed patterns of behavior.  Sometimes this can be stopping us from moving forward but we are unable to see it.   We can stop ourselves in many ways from getting what we want in relationships, without even being aware of how we are doing this. Psychotherapy can help you to become more aware of yourself, empowering you to see that you have choices in your life.

If you have experienced some kind of abuse in your life it could have had a major impact on you emotionally, physically and mentally. One way of managing this might have been to cut off difficult and painful feelings. Psychotherapy can help you to re-sensitize yourself, to enable you to feel your feelings in a safe and contained way.